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Friday, March 20, 2015

Really Random...

I used a calendar picture to collage flower pix onto.  The pix are from the catalog I ordered the flowers from....figured I should keep pix so we know what they are supposed to look like...I saved the name of the scenic shot too.
The veggie garden is moving to the side of the house and now has a nice cover over it.
So I have had these containers for years.  I have put in them all sorts of things that belonged to each child of mine.  It was now time to give them back their childhood.
This is Middle Child, Ashley with hers.
Middle Child has children...Youngest Child has fish!  She and her BF have been successful with salt water tanks!
After repairing a suitcase zipper for this child, oldest child of Middle Child, I left a note in it for them to find someday.  I didn't expect it to be so soon....
Speaking of she is with 2 of her own, the middle child is in pink the youngest is in denim. They are pretty good helpers! 
Back to childhoods.....Here is my oldest, Ben with his container.  I also let him take the t-shirt, reluctantly...I had those shirts made up for all 12 or so children in his kindergarten class, the future Class of 2000, which I thought was an amazing thing to ponder!
And my youngest...Stephanie the College Girl...the fish tank owner...the recipient of her childhood container.
Seeds are sprouting...tomatoes on the left brussell sprouts and broccoli on the right.

My Middle Child is brave. Very brave.  She takes all 5 girls into stores with her!  After finding this sofa in the second hand store they all had a go at it...I love this shot of Megan 'fainting'.
I told you it was a random post.

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