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Monday, March 09, 2015

Mowing Crochet

Dan was out mowing and I noticed something on his feet....
plastic bags! 
▼ Over his shoes, so he wouldn't get dog poo all over them.
Smart man!
 Crochet.  Hooded capelet for a granddaughter.  First half. 
This is a 100% merino and it is wonderful to touch.
I ran out of yarn....but more is on the way...whew!
See, I crocheted right up to the end!
So...I was looking around for this wicker basket we have....can't find the damn thing, so I pulled this out of the pile.  Works pretty good.  I can pull the yarn out through any old hole I want to.
And yes that is another project started...this time for me if it works out.
So...Ashley brought me a 'glitter tube' that was empty, knowing I find uses for that sort of weird thing.... I gave it 5 seconds thought and had her toss it.  Then a few hours later I retrieved it from the trash because I HAD found a use for it...a HOOK HOLDER in the plastic basket.  I duct taped it in of course.
And the plastic bag holding other yarn?  That was one of those zippered sheet packages new sheets come in, I save them all the time!

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