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Monday, March 02, 2015


Am crocheting yet another hat for my husband.  This yarn looks like suede, is a bit on the rough side when handling the yarn to crochet, yet when I pet the hat and run my hands over it, it's soft.  So all is good.  I like working with this fiber, works up fast too because it's a thicker yarn than I have been using lately.

click to enlarge
baby food jar for size ref
I started this one when I had to wait on Dan to try on his.  This is a softer yarn, slouchy, thinner.  The pattern says the size fits up to adults, but not with this hook and yarn.  This will fit the youngest of the grandbabes...for about 15 minutes.  Perfect color for  GD #4.

Another scarf started, in a pattern that gave me fits at first, before I went with the flow.  I am sure there are lots of mistakes in it, but can you see them?  Me neither.  Moving on....

Oh, look, it's finished!  
I went down the long sides with a simple chain to give it a finished look, as it was looking rather bumpy...

Love Etsy for this sort of yumminess.
Darn it, I didn't get a picture of Steph wearing the scarf.  Sheesh. Guess she will have to take a selfie for me.

Oh look....young women!  
Stephanie and Ashley, daughters 2 and 1
We had an influx of females yesterday, all come to visit Grandma and Auntie Steph...Since Auntie lives sooooo far least 16 miles by gosh, and a bridge it's a big deal when she gets to our side of the Narrows....
Megan and Lily, granddaughters 1 and 2
Avery, granddaughter 4
Rhiley, granddaughter 3
And Devyn, granddaughter 5
As you can see, everyone is doing their own thing....that's what happens when they visit, they scatter to different areas of interest.

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