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Thursday, February 19, 2015

More Bits

Before giving the scarf to Ashley, I added a bit of personal notes.  The ribbon came with the yarn, so I added my signature symbol {VJ} and the year.  Admittedly it's a hand, but that's how it can go at the last minute.  I even stitched it onto the scarf and didn't take a picture to prove it. 

"wait mom..."
But here is my lovely daughter Ashley wearing it....
"...for me to pose..."
And this is of course what is really going on around the camera...
little girls, [Devyn this time] crawling over grandma's legs...
one way then the other
...and asking me to read a book to her...
Avery asks me every time she comes over. 
Every. Time.  Sometimes I even get to read it to her. 
More often than not, they are to busy doing little girl things, not hold-still-for-grandma-to-read things.

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