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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dreaded Tax Day

Except I have done mine.  Yay!
I know mom didn't like this day.  She would wait until the last minute to pay because she wanted the money to earn as much interest as possible, before giving it to the IRS. Back in the day, the envelope had to be post marked by the 15th. 
She fretted until the taxes were all done and delivered!  
She even waited to deliver my brother until the next day!

In more pleasant areas, I have finished this capelet!!!
I fretted over it like it were my taxes. Would it be large enough?  Of course as soon as it was finished, the yarn stretched and became larger.

All the granddaughters can probably wear it, but it's for the younger 3.  They have so share.
The closeup pic of the buttons will have to wait, it hasn't loaded yet in the mysterious world of 1's and 0's.
I did this one day while 2 granddaughters were here. We got out the paint.  I had seen an idea on Pinterest about crumpling the paper, outlining the lines left by the crump, and coloring in the spaces.  Of course since I used black construction paper, I left out the outlines.  I think the dots were the best part, they outlined the spaces.

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