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Friday, January 16, 2015

Snowman Butts

I made another embroidery hoop hanging mobile....smaller hoop and I used paper clips for the "hooks" to hang things from.  This one is for my youngest daughter.  Snowmen are a thing she does when it snows.  And they are usually small.

Perler Deer. I glued felt to the back to keep it stronger, this one and the snowman.

The cat wondered what I was doing.

I had fun!  I made yet another embroidery hoop mobile hanger, but it's not been photo'ed yet.

Winding yarn....This yarn is dyed by Emily Parsons.  I LOVE her colorways!

I find it interesting how the yarn looks so different, as a hank and as it's balled up.  

Help from Page.
Was doing a little decor changing....

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  1. hi, here via Grace, you seem such a nice fun inventive being for me!