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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Crocheted Hoop Hanger

I decided to cover the hoop, that I had already covered with fabric.  I really like crocheted edges on my wall quilty-sorta things, and I really like the way Lucy on Attic24 did this for the first round of her wreaths.
The yarn is more of a thread, perle cotton type.  i used a size 2 hook, which is one of the tiny silver ones. I just kept single crocheting...and crocheting....and crocheting.....
I folded it over the hook, poking the wimpy wires thru the crochet.  Then I sewed between and through the loops.
You can see the wires on the top in the picture below.  I decided that will be the 'bottom' that you see when you look up, the sewn side will be the dust gathering   up side.   The wires are the 'new' christmas tree hooks.  Bah.

Now I am working on Dan's third hat.  And a couple of other things....well, maybe 3 or 5 other things.  I am happily ensconced in projects.
Hanging!  From light in dining room, Dan's idea!


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