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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

More Craft Projects

We have had this hanging bird mobile for years...years!  I am not sure if we got it at Cost Plus {world market} or Pier 1.  I have wanted to make another hanging mobile for other animal ornament type things we have collected over the years. So this week I did it.  I used an embroidery hoop, ornament hangers, masking tape, glue, torn fabric strips and ...I think that's all.
click to enlarge
And now I have a merry go round of animals on it.  Not sure if the strips I added for hanging will remain. I may get a little less messy and use twine.
The hoop holds the hooks between themselves.  The tape I used to hold the hooks on with,  that gets covered with the fabric strips that I wound around the whole hoop.  You could use twine...ribbon...yarn...
I was going to 'hook' the animals on the bottom loop, of the hooks, but just slipped them over the top of the hooks, with the ribbons they already had on them.  And lots more...or less....can be added. 
I am going to make another one with paper clips, I will show that one to you when it's done.
And own personal Santa!  He installed the storm door he got me for Christmas.  It was a pain in the arse!  But it is awesome!    I have wanted one for years....years!  And it has a screen to keep out the bugs of summer.  {Wish it kept out the bugs of winter, because the day after christmas, this Santa was in bed with the flu!}

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  1. i love this. will think about
    making something similar for the Son's
    little girl.
    you are an Inspiration...
    love to you....