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Thursday, December 25, 2014

No Chaos for Christmas

i  had a wonderful day...full to bursting with quiet....not even many bad words were exclaimed as my dear one worked on the brand new storm door that was my want....muttering...yes...i think i even heard a little singing...that door was a complicated mess of this's and that'sis's...

i was going to leave that in the comments on graces blog, but decided to share it here instead...also...

only one phone call today, otherwise i messaged my children from FB.  They were all busy with their own families and wrapping paper and new and even a kitten....under another families tree, but now my granddaughter #3 wants one too.  can't argue with that...I love looooove cats.

the decorating can be stopped....though not put away....i have enjoyed being able to have my own do dads out on display.  megan loved to rearrange every display so i got out of the habit of putting anything out.  she would be so disappointed, and i would be depressed, that christmas wasn't much fun for either of us.  megan has always moved way too fast for me....her brain thinks at mack 10!  but i love her dearly.  she is, afterall, the child that put "grand" before mother for me.

I love all my girls!

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  1. a screen door is a total Life Changer.
    Total. I need a storm door for the
    back...maybe now i'll really think
    about it...
    More Love,