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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ginger Bread Creations And Clay

Ashley came over with her girls and the gingerbread house and train assembled.  All we had to do was have fun decorating them!  I even added a little decor to the chocolate bar santa and nutcracker.  Rhiley let me write her name on the house, and I could not believe how well it turned out considering the house was upright.
I did the frosting-glue for Rhiley because it was hard to squeeze out, but after warming up in my hands, it got a tiny bit easier so she could do it.
Devyn slept through the first part of the decorating, which was perfect for all, since she has a stuffy nose and needed the sleep.  Then she got to decorate a cookie with mommy.

I am still adding things here and there....

i love this shot.  Steph made the yellow dog for me one year while in High School,  after I saw one like it in an ad, Pier 1 I believe.  Ashley made the truck, also, in High School, because that's the kind of 'car' she wanted.  The black hatted snowman was made by Meg's teacher because Meg was absent that day, "Mine was the best looking one, Gup. All the others had sticks poking out everywhere and were really lumpy!"  I laughed after she told me that, because that is how Meg thinks in her Aspergers mind.  The little bitty clay pony was made by me.....long ago.  So 3 generations of school year clay adventures.

I tied the tree to the truck like in all the fancy holiday pix....I had to stuff plastic bags in it to stay plump...
Is that a roll of paper towels stuck behind to block out the kitchen?  Why yes it is.

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