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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Cards!

Now that all the cards have been rec'd....hopefully....I can show you what I made. 
Enlarge the pic by a click....on it....and you will see that I stitched the cards with yarn! 
I used my sewing machine, w/o thread, to make the holes in a 2 sided triangle.  Then I sat and watched whatever season of whatever show I was watching at the time, and stitched away.  Simple.  But so fun!!!!  Then I cut little bits of felt for the 'trunk' and decided to machine stitch that down, this time WITH thread....then I figured since i was on a roll, I might as well stitch down the 'message' too.  I even left the thread ends to show that I really did do this.  {I painted 2 sheets of paper with metallic paint, let them dry, then put them through the printer!  It. Worked!}

I was sooooo happy to send cards this year.  

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  1. Great idea Vicky! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!