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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I Put Up A Tree

Picasa let me 'shadow' out the rooms on either side, bonus!
My driftwood tree!  I love it.  I have mostly old ornaments on it , one is dated 1984 and some of the animals are from 2000.  Others are from my grandmother, so they are even older.
I made the elf on the top, but he isn't on a shelf. I did put 'seat-belts' around him and a couple of the other 'bears' because little persons were coming to visit.
My dining room window display.   There are 2 christmas cards on there. What happened to sending cards out people??
My own Animal House...
click pix to enlarge
didn't get very good dark shots...but this will work.
And dear Ashley came over to have craft day with her mama.  She had this wreath to finish, it's themed on the movie Frozen.  I only got one shot, so I have to take the blurr...

i cropped out the extra...
Craft day centered on trees...more trees.  This time with sticks and glue...
Avery was going for a forest...
What you don't see is the Oh My moment when Meg opened up a pack of sequins and sprinkled dumped them on her tree like glitter.  [hers is the one on the white cardboard] It was actually quite sparkly and pretty, but alas, a lot of the sparkle fell off.

I have enjoyed decorating this year...the first time in many.

1 comment:

  1. Wow ! these driftwood and twigs trees are great !!!
    Great to be creative with others ;-)

    (I didn't really know the kantha stitches either Vicky, untill Jude used them in"Home" .... ;-) Ha, her influence reaches far ... !)

    Merry Xmas and lots of lovely stitches in the new year.