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Monday, December 08, 2014

Decorating Continues

Another tree.
I got an idea and went with it. It's torn scraps stitched down on green-dyed-batt.  {like felt}
Then a cone shape?

if you enlarge you will probably be able to see the seam.  I hand stitched that part.
I put it on a stick, but didn't like that as much as with it just sitting there.
Then it coped an attitude...
The inside...
Dining room window.  I got another idea.  But how to hang the stick?  With a wire hanger of course!
I had a couple that had the cardboard thingy in them, took that off and bent the 'arms' down and kind of made them hook tog.
I already have some hooks/clips on this stick from it's  past as a quilt hanger. Other ornaments will probably get tied on with ribbon/string.
And since I don't have a tree...but lots of driftwood sticks....and this awesome spot for a mantel display area...I'm still working on this one...
enlarge to see the bundt-cake-pan-log-holder and door stop giving it support
In the above and below pix I should have cropped out the mess....but since I can't crop it outta the room....
The shelves on the window sill may come out...but the kid table is still there and they know it!
I now have this awesome "bar top" that I can add decor to...but I need to block out the kitchen behind.  
Dan, my husband, needed a hat, so I crocheted one up for him!  I added a bit of green yarn to the tions top where there was a hole...I got the pattern from here Pay attention to the instructions so you don't have to start over...but stitched this way makes it very stretchy and he loves it!

oh look....a gray haired stichr sitting at her machine!

Meet Sven.  A Ty version.  From the movie "Frozen".  I decided to keep this guy instead of giving to the girls...they have lots of other gifts, including a 15" version of this guy.  He is soooo cute.
The lights are up!  At first it looked like Jeff Foxworthy had run out of beer because the lights were just draped...had to check to make sure we had enough, you know??
Reflections in the rain.
Something else for me....coloring books.  I had seen a chipmunk/pine cone color page on Pinterest and decided to just get the whole book.  These are from Dover Pub. but made by Creative Haven and the books are fantastic.  All the pages are one sided and perforated for easy removal.  I also got some fine point pens and these are definitely fine pointed, to fine for some coloring.  I also found this pack of Crayola pencils that didn't get given to one of the girls...they are wonderful!  A nice soft lead, but not as soft as crayons. But only 12 colors????

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