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Friday, December 05, 2014

Wreath Making With Pipe Cleaners

I have this wire basket that I love, but it's wide and takes up more space on the counter than I like.  So I decided to use it for a wreath.  I wanted lights on it, battery LEDs, and had a ah-ha moment to use pipe cleaners for holding the lights on.  They work wonderfully and don't look to bad since they are in green, and easier to use than other wire.
I had planned to use some of this fake garland, but changed my mind.
I used 2 sprigs of berries, fake, and again used the pipe cleaners to hold them and the pine cone on.  Oh, and the battery box.  {you should have seen the layer of dust on the and others have been on a shelf for years now....}
And here it is on my door, my awesome plum colored door.  Not sure if I am finished with it...think it might need something like batt stuck in behind the sprig and cone, so they show up a bit better.

I had  pipe cleaners left over from making the 'snowflake' tree.  I would recommend having some around for this sort of project! 

I made my christmas cards this year too, but can't show them off yet, they just got mailed yesterday!

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