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Sunday, November 23, 2014

3rd Post This Month

Yesterday was Craft day.  Steph came over and worked on several things....and I worked on several things...and we both did some felting!  The felting was fun. I have had the wool roving for a few years, but finally did something with it.  I made different sized balls for a snowperson and Steph made red ones.  The blue long snaky thing was supposed to be a scarf for my snowp, but....
Stephs tree on right, simple cone, ribbon, small log.
My tree is the left one made from pipe cleaners, instructions found on Martha Stewart...
mine came out looking nothing like the one on the MS site, of course, but I had fun making it and want to make another.  I would not recommend trying this if you don't like doing fiddly things! The pipe cleaners were a bit of a pain to keep you can tell by the finished tree.

These lovies are for the grandchildren....well except for the smallest one, Steph wants it. So now I need to find another jar for the youngest....but she can't play with them anyway because the are glass, so she probably won't care.
I swooshed white paint around the inside of the jar, dabbed some on the lids, painted eyes and buttons on the outside.  The carrot is felt because I didn't have orange paint.  The light is one of those led tea lights.
tree closer up, the  snowp is a 'natural' color of roving, so it looks like a dirty city snowp

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