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Monday, November 17, 2014

What, Another Post This Month??

So here is the 'nest' with some of the leaves glued to it,  The leaves were dried, but 'as is', not flat and tidy.  They still worked.  As I got them loaded with the glue, they softened rather nicely.  
Not nearly as good as using glycerin, I am sure, though I haven't tried that yet.

Ashley brought me a bag of leaves the girls found for me, and since they dried 'as is', I just played around with them.  The leaves draped over the glue tub worked out a lot better than the ones left to dry on the wax paper.  They all have a gluey cast to them to, so I wouldn't use them for something I wanted to make last.  But it's fun and now I know how to help the girls with this sort of summer! [outside] [and wearing gloves to make hand washing easy for kids]
Those squiggly things are Japanese Maple.  I may add them to the nest....after I cut them off the wax paper.
Then I started another craft....I needed to paint up some paper for printing on, because I won't waste printer ink on that kind of thing.  So I put a tad bit of the green into a small cup, added a bit to much water, I thought, and smeared the paper, which isn't pictured...opps...
Then I was standing there looking at the left over paint in the I started painting other things!  The leaves are real ones, that I did dry flat.  The cones are from the yard. I just rolled them around in the cup.

So you can see what paint I used, and the back of the leaves, because that is what I do.

O look...that can got some paint on it...

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