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Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Next Month...

Ashley and 2 of her girls were here the other day.  {the oldest was on a 'date' with daddy}
Devyn was showing me her writing skills, still a scribble, but that is ok with me.  She is 16-ish months old now.
And mama working on her project.
I love this shot!
This is my paper mache nest.  I decided to try to add leaves to it, instead of painting it.  I put the leaves in the glue, like you do the  newspaper strips for PM.  The glue made them very pliable, surprise!!
step 1
step 2
I wasn't able to take pix of the application part because me hands were all covered with glue.
Below is a shot of the craft day when the girls all made a PM snowperson and a turkey body.
The areas between the balloons on the SP were a little weak, so I added more PM a couple of days later and thats when I created the blob for the nest.  I truly used a bunch of papery gloop to create it.

Dinner oen
1 can of corn, whole thing.
1 can of refried beans, whole thing.
1 good helping of salsa., probably a cup.
Pour into a bowl of  crushed and crumbled up chips.  
[The fact that it came out looking so nest-ish was a super bonus!]
Add sour cream and a spoon.
Speaking of leaves...Jude has been doing leafy things too, so I got to thinking and finally did this.
It's a leaf print on heavy fabric, upholstery stuff. 
I did a pulled satin stitch on the veins, then did  backstitch on the other lines.


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