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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Slug Catcher & End of School Year!

The copper around my planters is not working this year, so after dark last night I went on a slug hunt. Tonight I will be better prepared.  Finish nail pounded into end of stick, flashlight duct taped to stick, to see the slimy slugs, and plastic bags to pull the bodies off the nail w/o getting my hands slimy. BoRah.

Crane Prairie Oregon Family Vacation
The morning light on the wall of needlework's makes the stitching  stand out.
My dad on OR beach in early 1980's. The photo itself had turned pink!?
Quilt challenge from a few years ago, somewhere on the web. Had to use 5 things: recycled item[s], birds, mountains and i can't remember the other 2.
Found it...
This quilt came about recently when I read of a contest on/at Lark Books.They wanted at least 3 of 5 things on the quilt.
1-birds {Done}
3-silver things{Done-used a lid from orange juice container}
4-re-purposed things{Done, see above, also used organza from a gift}
5-beads--I never did add these, though could have.

Fish. It's what's for Fathers Day.
Homework. Removing the bar top in the dining room and raising it above the existing counter top.
See the plug floating above the crock?  That wasn't there, but is now!
Plug was usable before wall was finished!
click to enlarge to see the the original placement of the wall switch plate and plug.
"Wall" from dining side. 

New switch placement!
Lily is in red, her teacher is behind her setting up the next seat.
Lily graduated from Kindergarten yesterday!  She is Class of 2026.

Lily and cousins Rhiley and Avery in Lily's classroom.
Mama, Kacie, and Lily.
Malory, Lily and Daddy, Ben.

snack time in class.  they had nice small class sizes for the K's.
Lily, Daddy, Malory and Megan here in foreground.  
Megan moves up to 4th grade, Yeah Meg!!!!
Lily to 1st. Yeah Lily!!!
and Rhiley to Kindergarten.  Yeah Rhiley!!
So 3 granddaughters will be in school next year!

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