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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Our Road Map

Ta Da.  Finished.  For now. Other travels may have to be added.  
This represents just the 5 of us.  
[The extended family members are on other needleworks. They are just as important, but I can't imagine doing this small map with everyone's travel history!...Well....maybe I can]

I don't have a 'frame' on this yet, not sure how or if I will do that.
So  here we have the next project....the one that has had me spinning while working on "Our Map."
"Family Tree" is the name I decided on, just wait and see!

The view from my chair just improves daily!
But the reason I took these pix is to show you a feather I found...
not these feathers, though most do get added to this wallie...
...this feather....from a hummingbird!  It would get lost so easily.  I will have to figure out a way to showcase it on it's own!  This is from one of the birds that visit my feeder.
I had a board out under the feeder, big sheet of chip board stuff, I was painting, and that's where I found the feather.  Love.

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