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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Progression on Several Things

 So the idea I had for this tree....not a go.  I will do something else to this one some other day.
I didn't care for all the bits and bits on this tree....but I came across another 'tree' I made, and altered, and think this may be the one!  Seriously...this is already ugly, so I think adding bits and bots will actually improve it!  Dog in the shot is for size ref, Abby is an average size dog.
Pulled out this 'sits by my chair' the grapes I stitched over on this toile.
You might have to enlarge the pic to see where they are in the whole piece.
and the blue bird....
among other fabrics gifted to me was this sq. of  blue toile..look at the areas just waiting to be altered!
click to enlarge
I also got this one. Ugly.  But the design on it is interesting so I will try bleaching? it.
This lower pic is not it's true color, the first one is better.

Proud moment here....Zuccinni's!!! Grown by moi!

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