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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Our Map

I have enjoyed working on this! 
I have all "lower 48" states done.  I will add Alaska and Hawaii later...when I decide how I will continue.
From an angle you can see the 'texture' in the silk states.

The 'oceans, gulfs, lakes, sounds, bays' are embroidered.  The land, Canada and Mexico, are not represented....I know, lame.  Considering I have family north of the border, what am I thinking??? 
Sorry Canadians....
So....the great lakes region is not accurate, by far. I just kinda winged it.

the 'taupe' and darkest blue are from the gift 
Some of the perle cottons I am using are from a Christmas gift my mom gave me about 39 years ago!!!!
I parted the tissue paper [remember using that?] and found a whole range of DMC perle cotton skiens, sz 5 I believe, in possibly all the colors they had at the time, in that size.  I loved getting it nor have I forgotten it.
I hope I never do forget.

I will be adding personal bits, like where we were born, traveled to, etc.  I am not sure how I will do this...with beads? french knots? simple x's? 
 I know I will use different colors for the 5 of us.  
I know I will use words around the outside to 'say' where around the world Dan has been, because he has been all over. Navy brat, then serviceman, that he was.

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