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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Simple Stitching

Though mine looks nothing like hers, I still believe the credit should go to her. Besides, who's to say I am finished?   Jude does things that inspire me all the time too. Judy too, of course.  Susan does beautiful handwork, which I admire but don't do.
left side
I have added a scarf to my shirt.  Stephanie brought this tie-dyed wispy gauzy piece back from Italy with her.  For years it has hung on my design wall waiting for the moment it becomes the star.  Stitching it to the shirt means I won't lose it. I wonder if it's dye will remain the same when I wash the shirt?  

right side
The colors change, but not evenly, that's ok.

Seen here with the sleeves and sides where I added the pj's...that were Steph's too.  I love wearing it. The  weight of the added fabrics is just right.
i told her to sit fully upright to show how to big she is for this
Lily. At the 'take a picture of me, Gup' stage in her 5 years of childhood. 
after several posed pix, i suggested she show me her missing tooth, i prefer this pic to the posed ones.

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  1. Hi, Vicki. Thanks for giving me credit and your shirt looks very cool with the stitched on scarf--great idea!
    best, nadia