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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sewing~ Room, Sleeves and a Map

Moving into the Sewing ROOM...yes I need to say that in CAPS because I now have a whole ROOM for my sewing....machine, fabrics, cutting table, ironing boards AND design wall!!!!!
The shiny silver thing is the foam insulation I will use for the design wall, it is only jammed there, it will be moved.   I moved it, but the picture I took of it didn't make much sense, so that will have to wait for another day when IT is covered with fabric goodies.
As you can see by the date stamp, it has taken me a few days....but isn't that the same for most creative process's? 
It's even more updated...I moved the plants back to the bathroom.
 [sitting on sewing machine table]
My shirt remodel is coming along.  I added fabric bits to the sleeve hems because I didn't care for how unfinished they looked.  I needle-turned the bits to make them more...finished looking??  Got the idea from Nadia after seeing the shirt she is working on. Thank You Nadia!
under side of sleeve
tops side of sleeve
Not sure if I will keep that loop and button on the sleeves, but for now I like it.
close up
closer up
The prints are from a Jinny Beyer collection I believe. 

Now for the Map. 
I have seen some small embroidered versions of the USA map on Pinterest.  
Of course it struck my fancy. So I printed up an 8 x 11" version.
Then...I decided to machine stitch the whole thing, stitching on the lines just like paper piecing.  Yes it took me a whole lot longer to do than had I taped the stuff to a window and penciled in the lines. 
the stitching around the outside of the map was just to anchor the paper and fabric tog, I will remove those
I am pretty sure Delaware has been engulfed with stitches,sorry.  And I accidentally stitched Massachusetts in half, again, sorry.  BUT I will be careful when I stitch those states in.  
I don't think I will be doing embroidery in the larger states.  After looking at Sharon's blog, I came up with the idea to add fabric bits to the states, thank you Sharon!  It will make more sense after I add some...fabrics.  The reason I want to do this is to show where we have all been, those of my family that is, just us 5, so it's not mind boggling confusing!!
for size ref, the map is third fabric on left panel
This last picture gives you an idea of my thoughtful husband and how he has given me 'design' walls in other rooms also.  They are all made from the foam insulation sheets, and the far wall panel is simply held up with 4 upholstery pins, which are BIG pins, sturdy pins.  A twin sheet covers that panel and 2 pieces of muslin cover the forward panel, as you can tell by the visible selvage. 

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