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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Silks, Ruffles and Christmas in May

I decided I wanted to use the silks my niece brought back from India, for the USA map. 
I had to press, iron, them, so I pinned them to a half yard of fabric to keep them fairly flat....turns out this was a great way to pick from too.  Husband asked about this 'random fabrics' on the living room design wall. 
Then I started stitching.  Needle-turn applique has turned out to be the best way to do this....until I get to those small eastern states...then I will probably go with just stitches.
These 5 states are stitched and I have even stitched some southern states.
I think I will use batt behind this to give me even more tactical texture to it.

Birthdays.  Avery is now 3 and Devyn, our [grand] baby, is 1 year old!
I tried to get a shot of the 2 girls in their party dresses that are this frothy, frilly, lofty mix of pinks....

Devyn did not want Mama to put her down!!  She finally slept on a family member through most of the party.
But it also meant Avery could have her presents, the attention, and the singing, all to herself.  [Not that she is an attention lover.]
the dress is sleeveless, so i thought
D. would be better off in a sweater

 put away in a hope chest.  
but now the chest is moving on, 
so the christmas must come out.
stockings, so stitched with care,
the piece of paper is dated 2009, when i originally wanted to do all this organization, found it in the bottom of the chest
in hopes that Barney and Clifford would soon be there.
I made ornaments for birthday party favors and these are a few of the different ones I made.  All from cookie cutters.  Clifford [1989]is not holding up as well as Barney and the girl and roller skate[1993].
Different recipes and different paints.
Clifford was made for Ashley or Ben's bday.  Barney was Steph's bday and the girl and skates were Ashley's bday that same year.

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