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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

For All 27 Years

Of married life, Dan and I are finally empty nesters. It will be just us, 2 dogs and a cat.
that huge bag is FULL of kids clothes!
Ben is moving into a house with his girls Malory {GF}, Megan and Lily. 

On Sunday, Ashley picked me up and we went to see Stephanie's 'new' place.
This is a rental.
This is Rhiley....she explored everywhere and then ran around, inside and out, the whole time we were there!

The kids were just given that sewing cabinet, Steph says there is a machine in it too.

Bobby, Steph's BF, was helping his dad fix the shower when we got there.
exploring the inside.  this was a baby's room for the previous renter.

Aunty Steph and Devyn, the youngest of the crowd. {almost 1 yo}
It rained, hard, while we were there.  Both girlies got drenched.  Rhiley didn't care.  
A true Washingtoner.
Many Mood Steph
Fish and lizard tanks.

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