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Friday, May 02, 2014

Grandparents Day at School

Today was Megan's turn for a surprise at school.  
Grandpa went to spend 'grandparent' time with her, along with many other g.p.'s. 
 Megan let out her 'happy squeal' when she saw him!

This is a shirt. I was adding to the underarm/side seam area.  
It's hard to take a good photo of this....
...especially when the dog walks on it...
...I even tried hanging on a chair....
....well, at least you can see the wonderful stripe I used for it.  They used to be pj's of GradCollegeGirl.A nice loose weave like Madras cloth.
Megan picks flowers all the time, these are worth putting in a tiny vase. {That outside view is what 80+ degrees looks like here in WA.} 
My one side table has grown a side kick....
...and my thread bowl has grown a boommmmppp..
...I needed a teeny pin cushion cuz I kept losing my needle among the thread bits.
I hand stitched 2 yo-yo leftovers together, stuffed in some batt-scratts and sewed it to the handle of the bowl.  {This is what you do with the "dishes" your children make in grade school.}

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