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Thursday, March 13, 2014

The WWW Is Older Than....

My College Graduated daughter!
Remember dial up?
What made me think of this???
This picture of a sunset I snagged off a local news site.  
I used the Paint program to pick colors.  
I also used the "felt tip pen" to 'smear' the colors beside the picture. That's why they are transparent.
Old School. But works.
Wonder what I would get with a Cross-stitch pattern maker program????

Edit...wellllll that look less than 3 minutes!
I went to Google, searched for free cross stitch pattern makers, and ta da.  Stitchboard dot com
Gave me thread colors, which is really what I wanted, right??  
Now what?  Dunno. 

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  1. Lovely colors. Are you going to do this in cross stitch?