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Monday, March 17, 2014


I wanted to add a weave-y bit to the toile piece, so I tore some strips, wove them back together...and then wondered how I was going to stitch the whole thing together.  Normally I would weave like this, {a la Jude once again},  on another piece of cloth which I would stitch the weave  too.  This time I didn't want to do that, I wanted it more free floating....But how would I hold the whole thing together WHILE stitching it tog..out of the ether,  visions of embroidery hoops popped up, and ta da, tis anchored.
Now looking at this, I began to like it this way...did I want to use it on the toile after all????

color compliments the cat.
Still not sure.  I will let it sit for a while.  
Maybe I have come up with something totally new.

Christine asked if I would make a cross stitch out of the sunset picture....probably not.  But you never know.

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