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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Check Pattern TWICE....

then cut.  Damn it.  
I checked my measurements several times for the Flower quilt.  
But I DID NOT check the PATTERN to make sure I was cutting the right length.  So while I wait on some more fabric....I went back to this to play with.
click to enlarge, as usual King Friday
 I am head over heels for this tree.
see bird down in left corner?

Decided to work on the other tree too.

The idea to stitch on the Toile fabric print is not original.
Richard Saja does it and has a blog! 
 I am not doing what he is doing, but credit for the idea does go to him!
I am using the handdyed  #12 perle cotton I had gotten from Lorriane.  
I LOVE this thread!!!!
I must admit though, I may get a little bolder with  threads on the little bird...

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