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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Possibly Done....Maybe

The Valori Wells 'DelHi' Collection print, pillow cover.
The embroidered pillow. 
 There is more I would like to do. 
But I have a couple of other WIP's I would like to get to, so the pillow case is on the pillow.
I challenged myself to use ONLY variegated threads, perle/pearl cotton types, not 6-strand.
Turns out the challenge was more in the lack of color range.  Most of the treads are hand-dyes/over-dyes so the 'spacing' is different from consistent-dye variations, which became part of the challenge also.

I added the gauze/batiste/lawn type fabric pieces....That pathway leads to Jude and all I learned from her!
You can see the dragonfly better in this shot. I stitched areas of Valori's print that showed through the thin gauzy stuff. The pillow form is about 20" square, one my mom had made [not purchased] for decor pillows for her bed. She would like that I made them into my use on my bed. 
[this is a book prop for reading in bed]
So what is the WIP I wanted to work on?  3 Quilts for 4 special people.  
I had to sit down and draw proper 'maps' for the cutting of the fabrics...and to work out my designs.
This is a stack of blocks partly assembled.
Each pattern, fabric and embellishments are gathered to suit 3 different people.
The 4th person?  Well....he will just have to snuggle with the 3rd and love it because he loves her!


  1. Vicky, the pillow is fantastic! Love all the various stitches, pattern etc.

  2. I agree with Lorraine. You have made a lovely book prop - pillow - with beautiful texture. xx