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Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Purdy Quilt

Is coming along rapidly!  With many fabric donations from online friends, I have A LOT of prints to choose from, so I won't need to repeat many any!  I do have some repeats in the 2.5 inch squares where I am including "color wheel" strips....
this is the bottom half pinned over the top half
that you can see better in this shot.  The blue, yellow, red {primary colors} are in the same fabrics in this strip....just a little hint of 'pattern repeat' like the kids get in school.  The strip of secondary colors, green, orange and purple, are in the same 'pattern' but I used different prints in spots. 
this is actually the top half
Scroll to the bottom to see a triptych of  this in full length as seen on my 'design wall'.
The design wall is just a simple chunk of batt tossed up for this use.  I have to pin everything up out of the way of the plug, but it works. Below the wall is now a stack of drawers to help keep some of the chaos contained...but with the ironing board set up, it's a little squished in there.
Click pix to enlarge.

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