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Wednesday, October 30, 2013



I just made that up.  But I mean it, I have received a lot of fabric from fellow fabric hoarders for this Fun-Raiser Quilt I am working on for Purdy Elementary.  I am also going to be sharing with a fellow quilter who wants to make an I Spy quilt for a grandson, and I am going to be able to make another quilt in the not distant future for my other granddaughters when they are in school!  This has been a win-win all around!

Thank You Ladies!!

I have never had a dedicated room just for sewing, otherwise called a studio. I have been on dining room tables in different homes, in  part of the kitchen, in the bedroom....We finally have a room I could make into "my" room....but...I have a feeling that once I get a good layer of dust set up, one of the girls is going to want a room of her own {girls being Megan and Lily}.   AND the room is currently used for storage, mostly. 
BESIDES...I have this awesome area in our bathroom where the garden tub used to reside. that we made into a daylight space for me in the first place, and have not been able to take advantage of.
So I decided I would set up a cutting table in here and I hung a chunk of batt on the opposite wall for a 'design wall'.  LITTLE did I know how much I would love it!
It is a small space, but it works!  AND it has lots of daylight...
...not much of a view, but I am looking at fabric, not out the window.
That black fluffy thing is Meg's tutu for her becomes a messy nest once its worn, so I hung it up and out of the way for the day of candy-ness.
This is an idea for the Purdy Quilt.  A few large blocks among many small ones...
AND I was able to find a map fabric....I love maps!  and the blue to the right has all the states!
Below...a small sample of what I have gotten in the mail....
There is always a piece that I fall in love with, and this insect print is one of those.
So I am auditioning it with other prints because it will need to become at least an 8 inch sq. 
Again....thank you ladies!

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