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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Trunk Or Treat

Our elementary school had a 'trunk or treat' yesterday afternoon.  You decorate your trunk and had out candy.  Since Ashley had a strawberry costume for Devyn and a ladybug for Avery, we went with a garden theme for the trunk of her car and for the other grandgirls.  Megan was a tree. 
Rhiley was the farmer...
Here is Ashley with her little lady-Avery-bug.
Lily was a hit as a bunch of grapes!
But little Miss Devyn was definitely a big hit!  The kids give out tickets for the trunks they really like, and Devyn was happy to take them!  Alas our trunk was not the winner, but this was our first year and now we know what to age group to cater to.  Kids!!!

Daughter Stephanie was very involved also, but I don't have a picture of her.  Even son Ben got involved in helping make the costumes, cutting out leaves and blowing up balloons!

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