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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Purdy Quilt episode 4

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The center area is all assembled.  It measures 36 inches wide and 66 inches long, my son is holding it up at arms length?? With his arms over his head??  This is not your usual I Spy Quilt layout. Google images reminded me that these used to be called "Jar Quilts" and the prints were made up into canning jar shapes. For my next trick I will pull a rabbit outta my stash....
I have 8 inch and 5 inch blocks to assemble to go around this center area to make it larger, of course, but this was the fussy cut / piece together area, which took longer.
I  have this sitting next to my chair...hasn't been picked up in weeks. {It's the pillow cover I am embroidering.} Thought I would show you the "scattered seed" stitch I am adding to this scrap of fabric.

I love how it's looking.  Sadly I won't be able to do the whole area with the same thread.  What I have is would on that wooden person shape I found.  The thread is a hand dye I got on Etsy , size 12 Perle.

this is Megan's menu for the upcoming holiday.
Good call sweetie!

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