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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Needed a Bandaid

The Quilt Top is done,
The layers all pinned,
Let the hand quilting commence...   
...quick as a wink, a hole it was snipped.
quick, grab a scrap and cover with patch.
{my inner Seuss is away for the holly-day}
The Purdy Quilt top!  It's all done.  Wow...that's kind of crazy!  The black polka dot in the middle-ish is where I started the quilting.  I haven't stitched a quilt this size in years!  Good thing it's winter, because I will be covered up for quite a while.
The back.  The fabrics are the same 'print' just different colorways. 
The patch is right there in the middle.  I had just finished the very first of the stitching and was snipping the thread tail....I admit to being slightly distracted by the food network....
Ben is making Cran-Raspberry booze.  
It must be a popular thing....

I thought the raspberries looked good in the jars.
This was my project...
I used this can of oranges for the liquid...and the oranges...and a few raspberries were tossed in.

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