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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cats, Threads, Spelling Test

In the mail yesterday was this colorful envelope...
with colorful hand-dyed threads in it!!
When I had mentioned here that I had a limited amount of this colorway, the dyer, Lorraine, sent me some other samples she had dyed.  I, of course, had told her she didn't need to, though to be honest, I really did want more of this thread!  Little did I know she was going to send me a whole variety of threads!!
Keep in mind that these are 'sample' size skeins.  Handy, if you asked me.  {She has big hanks ava also}
Normally I like stitching with a thick thread because it's all about the show off factor.  Then I decided to use a size 12 perle from Lorraine....It was LOVE at first stitch!  I can't wait to use this size for quilting the Purdy Quilt too.  Usually I use size 8 perle/pearl cotton for those tasks also, but I will dare to be different this time!

There's that furry body again....what is it about taking pix that makes a cat show up?
Lily brought home her first spelling KINDERGARTEN. I don't think even Meg had one as few as 4 years ago. 
I was also very pleased to see this color wheel....because I am adding primary and secondary colorway blocks to the Purdy Quilt!
Oh...look....fabric....crappy photo...
oh...more fabric...netting...for tutu's....
hummmm....seems to be a trend here...though this pic is more spot on color-wise.
oh dear...caught lying down....

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  1. Thanks so much Vicky - do appreciate the shout out! I can see that furry little minx needs to take advantage of photo shoots...