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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Quilt Labels

I was cruising around Etsy recently and came across a label maker....a maker of labels.
ananemone makes labels of all sorts, so with a few pointers from them, I redid the 'drawing' Ashley had done when she was 3 {??} that I have been using as a blog header for a couple of years now.  They, Matthew and Sara, advised me to discard the blue background as that would be costly to print. 
They have many fonts to choose from, so I picked 'love somebody' for the words. I thought that would be a good start for a quilt that I 'love' making will go to 'somebody' next year.  Matthew and Sara were able to fit 4 4 inch labels to a sheet of fabric, which is organic cotton BTW. 
So I have 4 labels to add to 4 different 'things' I will make.  There is room for me to add the year too, which I didn't want to have printed on the labels. Maybe I should have had them print this fellow up too.....

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