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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

School Is....Today!

Megan, starting 3rd grade, and Lily, starting K...TODAY

Back in August, we went on another Family Vacation.  Like we did last year.  
First we have to prep for this great holding a baby and texting....
...and hugging nieces while mommy slices potatoes...Now I should note here that CollegeGradGirl did not attend this years Family Damnation Vacation.  She had to work.  Pout.
But we still filled the adult quota by including Kacie, mama to Meg and Lily {even though she is now divorced from our son, she still does a lot with him and their girls} and Kacie's Mama, Selinda.
   I don't even have a picture of the rain wonderful time everyone had. But I will add  pictures Ashley took... I just have pix of this bridge on the way home....

funny how you don't see this sign until you are ON the bridge.
Ben and SIL Danny {the same fine fellow holding the baby in the previous picture} went on a fishing catch fish!  I am pleased to say that neither one barfed despite the rough stormy seas.
They caught salmon and rock cod, as seen the flesh...*snark*
Saw this bell  as we drove over the draw bridge.
The End.
Well...guess I should add that the weather was not the greatest, but the 'kids' got to play their version of Frisbee golf, and the kids kids got to play and ride bikes..and OMG....I ALMOST FORGOT....LILY LEARNED TO RIDE HER BIKE W/O TRAINING WELLS!!!!  Took her about 45 seconds to master it too!!!  And they all got to get sandy at the beach and play in the pool at the rv park where we were.  
I will try to get a picture of Misspelled Salinda's Tent....She does it up really nice!
Megan and the rain.
Tarp set up over the table...because of rain.
This is Kacie, my DIL, with her niece-in-law, Avery.

Selinda's tent....its a 3 room affair and the air mattress's these days sure make it look comfy!

All of this, and more, had to be dried out when we got home.  Luckily the sun was out here at home to enable us.

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