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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nothing But Family..Well Almost

What Ashley didn't know was, I was taking a picture of that cute tush of Avery's.  
It's ok to be distracted by her curls though!
In K, Lily made this after the teacher read, the story, The Kissing Hand, to the class. The white for the handprint is glue!
The Kissing Hand was also part of a Storybook Quilt I made, the first one I made, actually. It was a "round robin" sort of quilting project.  Our 'hostess' picked children's books for us to create a quilt for.
Lily has also been having to wear a different color each day to school, can you guess this days color?
{had to post this pic with the cat}
She has worn yellow, red, blue, orange, green, brown, and today is black and white and is the last day.
Last Friday our neighbor asked Lily what color she wore that day.
Says Lily, "today was transparent day" 
then she went on to explain she didn't go to school on Fridays.
Baby blankets.  What to do with them.  Throw them in the washer with dye of course!

Updated pix next time.

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