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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

So It's Now Oct.

When we go on road trips, we bring back goodies....
when I opened this jar, the scent of pine just wafted out and transported me back to Crane Prairie Res. in Oregon where we got these.  Forest bordered on High Desert.
I was picking through the jar, wondering what to sew onto the wallie, as you see it from my chair...the one on the far wall, not the one on the left with my funny looking raccoon face.

That whole ecru space is my new foam board to put wallies on. Dan decided a gajillion holes in the wall was not gonna happen, but he wanted me to be able to hang my creations, and change the order of them when I want to.
This is another thing Dan did...he took the fake 'beam' down to put up a fan.  Turns out the 'beam' is Styrofoam!!!!  
Ashley and Stephanie decided to have a craft day at moms house.  Bobby was roped in too, Steph's BF.
This was a spider project....
The empty blue bumbo thing is for Devyn, but she was sleeping!
Steph and Bobby decided to take the big girls outside, after Devyn woke up and decided to needed lunch. I didn't get a pic of her, but she is 4 months now and 16 pounds!  
When Megan got home from school {Lily doesn't go to school on Fridays}, they all did the pumpkins.

I took this pic of Lily's, because I wanted you to see the cut areas....those were done with cookie cutters!

And work on a Fund Raiser Quilt for the girls elementary school is in the works.
I made one for Purdy many many years ago...I can't even find the pix! I also made one for another elementary school, and then another one went to a high school raffle!

Can't tell much with the light pencil coloring...but the plan is in the works!

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