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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More Summer Bits

"wish tatt's were tasty"
mama loves
Lego my name.  "I forgot the H, in Rhiley" said Meg
"Look Gup, I made a stroller!"  {doll roller skates}
Daddy said, "jack up the truck, Meg"
But Daddy had to change the tire.
 And now for MY stuff!  I am working on another area of the embroidered pillow cover.
This is the one that I am using JUST variegated threads for.  I realized that all the threads are actually hand-dyed/over dyed!  All Etsy purchases.
Below...I have this small piece of manufactured embroidered fabric I got in a scrap bag...I am using it where ever I feel it's called for.  {I know I used a piece in the Mosaic Quilt.}  Look at the couched threads in the bottom of the pic....they feel wonderful!  Thick tapestry type.

I finished the leaves on this circle...The hand-dyed threads make for some drastic color changes...Love it!

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  1. Love the threads and I really love that fabric you're stitching on. The green leaves that you appliqued with those stitched flowers is the BOMB!!!