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Friday, March 29, 2013

The Mole That....

Was caught by the neighbors cat, 
brought home by the girls,
to be given to the dog,
Who. Ate. It.
All while the girls watched from the peanut gallery.

And wave to a neighbor passing by.
You might notice the 2 different weather related footwear??
The sun was shining, so it must be flip flop weather.  But in spite of the glorious return of the SUN, the boots were actually the better choice. [please look past the smudgy window, it's allergic to cleaning products]

Last week we had 2 extra grandgirls, so Megan decided it was time to celebrate with a picnic outside, complete with 'campfire'.
Since we have only 2 kid chairs, Meg was clever and put the 'campfire' at the bottom of the slide!
I wonder what they talked about???

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