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Friday, March 22, 2013

Final Final

Steph sent me a copy of her final Final paper, to read over and add any bits and pieces.  I loved reading it, helping her, being a grown up for a couple of hours. I have helped her with her papers ever since...well...always.

 Dan even helped with the grandgirls night before last so I could help our youngest daughter.
That felt good too!
This has been a busy week of granddaughters.
Ashley needed us to watch her 2 also, and Ben was working, so we {ME} have been pretty busy.  

Avery, the 1.5 yo, is potty training. 

Megan, the 7 yo and oldest, has started on medication for her ADHD, which has created a new set of side effects, beside her 'normal' reactions to everything, associated to the Aspergers.

Lily, the 4 yo, and the other 'live-in', is a little possessive of my attention and time, and living with Meg has her accustomed to a different 'set of rules'** as far as play goes. But by Thursday  she was a champ and there were no problems between her and Rhiley!  I loved it.

Rhiley, the 3 yo, was a super champ yesterday.  She DIDN"T come marching throughout the house to tell me she had dog poop on her shoe!  She stood at the back door and told me, then ran back off to the land of poop grassy area to play some more.  Why change shoes? [the backyard has never been a real 'play' area.  The trampoline is back there, but the dogs don't poop on it!]

**[Meg needs to control the play, no matter what it is, step by step.  And sharing...that doesn't keep her in control, so she hates that!  It's not that she is being unfair, she just doesn't understand that she is being unfair.]

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