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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Home Life

Ben found frosting in super duper bright colors, so of course he had to try 2 of them.  
They came with sprinkles too.

Spelling homework.  Meg's teacher wants the kids to really learn the words!  "1. Write each word 3 times, 2. find letters in [junk mail] , assemble into words,glue, 3. write the words on 'graph' paper, cut apart, reassemble, glue."  We have gotten into a pattern of doing this with Meg.  Ben, Lily and I look for letters in the junk mail, cut them out and then assemble the letters for the words.  The letters get put in ice cube trays by word, and we do the same with the graph paper words. We make the 'graph' paper on construction paper and use different colors. Fun. Lily is also benefiting from this.  BUT...this part is not  Meg friendly, she couldn't focus, but putting the letters together into words, she is all over that!
This is our homework area.  A place for Meg to do art too.  A place for all the pens and pencils to be kept! When they were kept in the playroom, they WERE. EVERY. WHERE.  I really hated that.
I grew up with all that sort of thing kept in one area because my dad was a commercial artist, as it was called in the day.  He had his draft table, his taboret, his pens, his brushes, everything right there.
Food.  Biscuits, brown sugar, butter, cream cheese....
YUM!!!  Something found on Pinterest.
We made a packing popcorn pillow for the playroom. The popcorn doesn't weigh much.
I am still working on the Crane Prairie 'picture'.  This is our truck, which is actually white, but....the beads are black, that should count....The rivers and lake are from a damask dyed by Deb L.
And the trailer is white too....and the tents...and the pink wagon!!
North, on the Columbia River, still in Oregon, the trains went past every few hours, so I added 2....yes, the engines look like vans....
The large blank area of tan below the river is for rocks, sticks, pine cones and other collected items.
Last Mothers Day, or maybe more, Steph and Ashley gave me a charm pack of happy fabrics.  Well I waited and waited until an idea formed on how to use it....I have finally decided to make skirts for all 4 girls [yes there is another on the way, she will get something later].  {I have other charm pack-fabrics all stitched tog, but no pix, for the actual skirts}  I sewed this pack into one long strip, cut that in half, and those in half so I have 4 equal length strips to make a ruffle with, to go on each skirt!

The cat didn't give me much time to take photos....

Not sure if I have shared this pic yet, of all 3 tog.

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