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Friday, March 15, 2013

My 5 Year Plan...

Would probably not have included all that reality gave me.

My 2nd granddaughter...YES.

A grandchild, and husband, from child #2...YES...Knowing how much she wanted to be a mommy, though I wasn't sure about the husband part.

Steph going to college...YES.

Taking care of my mom here at our home....YES.

Now if anyone had read my actual future, I would have told them they were HIGH!

4 and 2/3rds granddaughters?? No. Way. But love them all I do! But seriously, no grandSONS?

Steph in her 4th year of college?  yah, I could see this, admittedly. 

Mom's dementia becoming more challenging? No, I was blissfully ignorant, or I would have been very frightened of the future with her.  Her death? No. We know that's a given.

My son moving back home.  No.  But if I had known the financial future, 
hopefully I would have made some changes!

My son gaining full custody of his 2 girls and moving them in with us? No. Way.

The oldest granddaughter's diagnosis with  Aspergers Syndrome? No. Way. At. All.

Getting back to the sewing machine to make skirts for 4 of the grand-girls? Never. Depression had to strong a hold on me to see this. At. All.

What have I forgotten?

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