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Monday, April 08, 2013

Only 8 Years??

I can't believe it's been only 8 years since I became a grandmother!  Feels like forever.  And it's quadrupled since then, and soon to become a pentagon! 
So would I say pentagonal? pentagonaled? [spell check doesn't like that last one]
So I will be a Penta-Gup.
Megan is now 8 Years Old!!!  
not a great pic, had to crop to show the almost-smile she had
Avery here in front, her sister Rhiley behind her head, looking left, Megan standing tall, Kiley{3}, cousin of Meg and Lily, and last is Lily.  Lily's shirt is about the truest color.
Avery and Ashley with Devyn in the tummy.
 I have gotten pix of Ashley pregnant with each child, so I had to have this one too.
wet spot was washed off food from one of the girls
This is sooooo Rhiley, it's perfect!
I made all the skirts for the girls.  Comment from Daughter-gallery: "they all look like mom".
Best party favor!  
[I goofed and didn't get a t-shirt for Kiley, that's why she is in her sweater]

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