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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Squirrel Embroidery-Path

Deb L. was just asking about what we have done with some of the hand-dyed fabrics we buy from her.  So this WIP is for her. 
The strips are from one of her "burritos". This fabric piece was once a table cloth, dresser scarf??  There is Battenburg lace with this cloth, but I tore those parts off, the color was right, but the lace was too 'heavy'.  {they got rolled back up in the burrito}
 Though you may not see it here, the green with splashes of blood red in it are a perfect match for the colors of embroidery thread I used for the Sumptuous Stitching's.
All the pix are click-enlargeable.
I know the blue lines may bring visions of water to your head, but they are really supposed to be sky-waves.
And....Something was bothering me about this and finally I saw it was the Squirrel itself....I don't like the color I did her in, so I will be changing that....after I get a bit more sky done.  I really love doing satin stitch. I really do!

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  1. I think the blue sky makes the whole piece come to life. I really like your scrumptious stitching along the tree trunk too. It looks great.