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Friday, July 27, 2012

Girlie Bike and Dogs

So...Rhiley, now 3, hopped on this little bike one afternoon and peddled around on the deck like crazy.  Turns out that was a bit of a surprise for all of us, her mama included.  That was the beginning of a 'restoration' project by Steph and Dan [he took the pic].  The bike is all clean, spray painted purple and reassembled.  This bike is a hand-me-down from at least 5 kids ago, including our 2 older GD's, Meg and Lily. 
{it was purple and pink in it's last life}
Lily will be bummed that she can't ride it here on the deck anymore, but she was starting to knock knees with chin, so she will get the other hand-me-down bike we have. I always got a kick out of this bike because it pedals backwards!  No brakes, just put-er in reverse and try not to run over Gups foot!
Speaking of Rhiley....Dan took these pix the other day, but what he didn't notice was the dogs in each picture....

They just wander around the deck, winding among the humans, going one way then the other.  {that is my footstool-turned-ever that Rhi is sitting in...and an old quilt, of course!}

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