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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Been Spacey About Blogging

The signs of summer...tomato plants and inflatable pools.
I know it's hard to tell, but the clouds are blue...or maybe transparent?

So this week was a time for road trip #3.
We went to Vantage. On the mighty Columbia river.
At Wanapum State Park.  It was HOT, just barely below 100 which is a shock to us coastal folk, but that's why we went. It also gets WINDY.  
This is Ben securing his tent after the evening wind began.
Before the wind....the campground is heavily watered to keep the green, other wise this is rattlesnake country...out there in the sage.  Where Page took off for when she escaped. Darn dog.

The first night, clouds came in and provided a lightening show for us.

Can you tell it's hot by the outfits?

The kids took off for sightseeing the second day.  This is the Ginkgo Petrified Forest. Well this is the girls actually...

Close up of this wooden rock.
Daddy and girls.
 A local.
Another local.
Interesting design in the rock.
We left Vantage on Thursday and headed up Hiway 12.  This is our campsite on Rimrock Lake....right ON the lake!

Steph had to try the water.

And the rocks.
There is this great view of a butte...
...that sits on one side of the lake....
 Page found a critter hole under the log....
As we were leaving the area the following morning, we noticed this poor guy up a tree....

oh yeah...this was the first lizard I found.  All the others were alive.
This was the first picture I took, showing the site right next to the lake.

This is another thing we found on the way home....this waterfall looks like it's coming down stairs.

Oh....and more Rock Stars working the rock walls.

We had 2 birthdays celebrations while we were gone.  Ben and Lily, both the 19th.  Lily is 4 now!  And Ben is....way older than his daughter.

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