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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day and Stuff

So here is my contribution to everyone's mothers day, a picture by Megan....but not given to me. But that's all right, I got a great card and gift from my 2 girls last weekend!  Thank You Gulls! Gulls! Gulls!

I have started The Squirrel.  For the embroidery class, link in the side bar. She, the critter, is done in back stitch which I will embellish on later.  The area size is 6 x 8 inches.
Thank You Susan for the even weave fabric!  It's not as easy to do as my free-hand stitching  has been...I had to look close for the 'holes' in the fabric...follow the weave....not sure I did very well, but that's ok too because this will get a lot more stitching done on it.

Tattoos.  Ben has been doing more tattooing.  This time on his brother in law, Danny. This is on his upper arm...
And this one is on his leg.  A tribute to his grandfather who had this ship tattoo'd on his arm.

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